From the day we left I have been Oohing and Awing over the cars that have passed us driving around or while on the train, the amount of epic... [...]

It Took us what seemed like forevor and a day to find this place... no photoshop wizardry.. this lake is almost hard to believe with your ow... [...]

Went out to a place called San Pedro del Pinatar today, Which happens to be a very important part of spain with its salt lakes and natural w... [...]

Charlie and I went for a nice stroll to the San Javier beach today and slowed our pace a little.. just saving our energy up for tomorrow nig... [...]

The sun was setting.. I was enjoying a freshly made rum and coke while watching england go up against the ukraine and decided to head to the... [...]

People always say its not the destination, It's getting there that matters. Well... They are half right, because arriving in Spain was ... [...]